Sabtu, 5 Julai 2014

Objektif Pembelajaran- perbincangan ilmiah online

Saya "sampal" (salin dan tampal) dari Fesbuk Groups EASTERN HSE PRACTITIONER (ERG -HSE)

Ini adalah komen dan perbincangan dari perkongsian artikel Presentation Berkesan Siri 1 saya di sana. 
Rasa rugi kalau tak dikongsikan di sini. Terima kasih kepada semua yang terlibat :))

  • Arif Hamzah Just teringat ttt. Training objective kena elak guna perkataan "faham"
  • Azahan Arif Saya telah bertanyakan soalan ni kepada beberapa master trainer dan mereka kata BOLEH!
  • J William Giuk Objective has to be specific, measurable,achievable,realistic and time framed, so let us look at the word "faham"=understand, will this meet the above prerequisite for an effective objective?
  • Azahan Arif The debate was "faham" is considered as qualitative. 

    You will find this issue each time you are teaching knowledge. Skills are less a problem. 

    Up to the facilitator to measure the level of understand.
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  • J William Giuk That's right. It all depends on what subject matter we want our trainees to understand and the degree of understanding required to meet certain competency. There is no hard rules on this. Thanks for sharing.
  • Azahan Arif U are most welcome sir. Thanks for initiating a discussion. Will put this into my blog 
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  • Arif Hamzah The ttt from niosh is basically ttt for "competency based" training for trainer. Argument can still be made for awareness training. Then how are we going to measure level of awarenes?
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  • J William Giuk Good question. Let us first develop a brief training objective on awareness, I suppose safety and health related which might read as follows: To increase the level of awareness (in terms of the number of times one spots any unsafe acts or conditions at the work place during a specific period, say in a month) from 10 to 15 which is measurable/quantifiable. Does this make any sense?
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  • Arif Hamzah A few debate with HR exec regarding this training effectiveness. From HR point of view, they measured training effectiveness based on post training. how the workers react after being trained. And of course they also look from return-of-investment matters
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  • J William Giuk Yes, I agree. That's their domain. What ever post training evaluation they would come up with, they always relate it to tangible results which is tied up with perhaps with their Quality Management System(ISO 9000 etc.)objective which could be quite different from the Safety/Health Management System point of view.
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  • Azahan Arif I agree the objective for awareness to be measured based on the numbers of specific behaviors or condition.

    BBSP is actually based in this method. Do bear in mind to change a person's behavior take more than just sitting in the classroom only. 
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  • J William Giuk Now, we are getting closer to our common understanding, it is not a question of who is right or wrong. Follow up interview for knowledge assessment and even demonstration of skills or ability on the "how to". will certainly enhance measurement process. Thank you.
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