Senarai Program

Ini adalah senarai program- program in- house kendalian Azahan Safetyman.  

OSH Committee Advance (OSHCA) Series

OSH Committee Course

It’s a PROBLEM SOLVER to your OSH Committee issues! Pick your combinations: Take Charge! Safety (TCS), HIRARC Masters (HM), Causal Based Investigation Technique (CBIT), and Kaizen Inspection System (KIS)

Take Charge! Safety (TCS)

Safety Awareness Program

This personal development program will enable participants to understand the importance to be responsible and change their mind to be positive. 

HIRARC Masters (HM)

Risk Assessment Tool

Participants will learn how to initiate, develop and The course was developed based on DOSH HIRARC Guidelines

Causal Based Investigation Technique (CBIT)

Workplace Incident Investigation

Participant will learn how to initiate incident investigation in the first 24 hours after an incident and generate a cause map that visually aid the management to take preventive actions immediately.

Kaizen Inspection System (KIS)

Workplace Inspection System

This program will expose participants with the Kaizen tools to record down findings, selecting corrective& preventive actions and follow up status.

Behaviour Master Builders (BMB)

Behavior Based Safety Program

Participants will learn how to influence their colleagues to practice SAFE BEHAVIOR by using language

Overhead Crane Operator Course (O.C.O.C)

Overhead crane operator competency course

Participants will learn how to operate overhead crane safely. 3 days course designated for new employees that includes practical& assessment and 2 days course suggested as refresher course.

Basic Rigging And Slinging (B.R.S)

Rigger& Signalman Course

This program is based on Crosby module on lifting and best practices in the industry especially oil and gas.

Forklift Operator& Refresher Course (FORC)

Forklift Operator competency course

This program will shape the behavior and groom the skill& knowledge of the forklift operators to be responsible and be safe at all times. 

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

Lock Out Tag Out Program

Participants will learn how to setup LOTO system and identifies the equipment and tools needed for the system.

Working at Height (WAH)

Working at Height

Participants will learn the safe practices while WAH, hazards and latest technologies available in the market.

Defensive Driving Riding Behavior& Technic (DDBT)

Defensive Driving Riding Behavior& Technique

Participants will learn how to be a responsible road user and change positively. The defensive driving technics were extracted from MIROS, making it relevant to Malaysian road scene.

My Chemical Romance (MCR)

Chemical Safety Program

Participant will learn from basics of chemical handling, storage and up until procuring system and disposal procedure to ensure the chemicals are safe to be used in the workplace