Ahad, 1 Disember 2013

12 Great Ways to be a Remarkbly Average SHE Personnel

12 great ways to be a remarkbly average SHE Personnel

1. Be an SHO and hope will received expensive salary immediately

2. Only attend SHE courses all of his career, and sometimes attend the same topic for few times. 

3. Always complaining management not supportive but never tries new approaches

4. Blaming JKKP each time major incident happened but never contribute to give ideas for improvement

5. Joined at least 3 facebook SHE groups but never comment or participate in forums or discussion

6. Have a dream to be somebody but do not have short term and long term plan to achieve your dream

7. Claim to be part of SHE association but never register and pay the fee

8. Always too busy with work and never have time to contribute back to the society

9. Never stop hopping from company to company every month, every year.

10. Owning the SHE responsibility for himself until the company crashed each time the SHE personnel take leaves

11. Being a NATO.

12. Finger pointing at everyone except himself whenever accident happens.

This is actually a module that I'm preparing for newbies in SHE field. Do forward inquiries of feedbacks to fb @azahan arif or azahansafetyman@gmail.com